love, self discovery, consciousness, subconscious, potential, learning, growing, communicating, keeping the harmony. Sun in Libra, Scorpio rising, Moon in Taurus

Emotionally, I’m not over you. How do you invest your feelings in someone new when someone old still hasn’t given them back? I don’t want you, I don’t desire to be with you. But my heart isn’t ready to love again just yet. And it hasn’t. I haven’t given this disassembled heart away to anyone since you left. It needs it’s time to mend, a broken heart. Just like a broken bone. I would be cheating my next lover by giving them something that’s not ready to give. My heart knows this. It sends out flushes of urge to be alone. My heart has a voice that screams loudly, it asks me to please not be foolish. It doesn’t want prosthetic feelings and parts trying to make it whole again from attention I’m not ready to receive. My heart knows.

With my head between your legs, You’ll be reciting the poems I never finished because they were on the tip of my tongue



If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.


this looks like my house, except with pit bulls.
Nervous laughter in shopping carts
After an emotional night he surprises me at work to make me smile <3__<3